Agriturismo Ca' Lealtà

Agriturismo Caorle, sea of Caorle and Venice



Agriturismo of Venezia

Living on a farm during a visit to Venice…why not? “Agriturismo Venezia” successfully combines relaxation, tranquility and nature near the city of Venice, where one can find museums and art par-excellence. Venice is a city of inexhaustible historic, artistic and cultural heritage and well worth a visit! What could be a better way than with a stay at a peaceful countryside farm in Caorle, leaving room for a relaxing swim or a walk to the sea.

Carnival of Venice

Venice is definitely charming and attractive in every season, from the first day to the last of the year. Its colorful “Carnevale” makes for an eventful spring, and during the hot, summer holidays the city’s magic seems to reflect in the water that surrounds it.

A unique city

Venice is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. The charm of a city like Venice is due, primarily, to the shape of its territory, as well as its historical and artistic importance. The historical origins of Venice date back to the Roman period of the fifth century AD C., when the peoples of the plains of the Veneto region, to protect themselves against constant invasions of the barbarians, moved to the small islands of the Venetian Lagoon which, surrounded by the waters of the sea, offered an excellent natural defense. Starting from just these small settlements, Venice began to increase its economic, political and military strength, becoming the Serenissima – one of the most influential republics, able to dominate the East. Today, the urban structure of the historic center of Venice is an expression of the “living” history that has come and gone in the lagoon city. The very style of its historic buildings, streets, and bridges show the strong influence of Byzantine culture and Venetian government, while the stately elegance of churches and other public, and private, buildings are the result of the concentrated and diverse commercial traffic, which has enriched Venice for over a millennium, making the city itself a work of art. For these reasons, even returning visitors to Venice need not fear exhausting its charm and enchantment.

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