Agriturismo Ca' Lealtà

Agriturismo Caorle, sea of Caorle and Venice



For lovers of sailing and dinghies, the farm is in an ideal location. The Maranghetto river, on the banks of which stands the farmhouse “Ca’ Lealta,” is entirely navigable. The average depth is about 5m, and there are ports through channels, which lead to the sea, about 4 miles distance. The landscape is still wild, providing a naturally-scenic route to contrast the Venetian lagoon.
For those desiring a different sort of vacation, why not come directly by sea? From Trieste or Venice, for example, and stay in our apartments and lodges while visiting the great canals of the lagoon of Caorle.

Caorle Lagoon

The lagoon of Caorle covers thousands of hectares of reed beds and expanses of water that create landscapes of unforgettable beauty. The Old Valley of Caorle is a site of great ecological interest, enriched by a vast pine forest with a complex system of dunes and wetlands that are an important habitat for many plant and animal species. The lagoon of Caorle and the center of San Gaetano gave the cue to Hemingway for some memorable pages of his book “Across the River and Into the Trees.”

And not only nature

From the farm by water, you can reach the cities of Concordia Sagittaria, whose name comes from its famous manufacturing of arrows (from the Latin sagitta) during Roman times, and Portoguaro, whose name recalls the importance that river transport had in the past.

Getting There

Coming from the North, for example, from Trieste, after going to the beach of Bibione. Leaving, you will be on the right hand side of the beach “Brussa,” which is recognizable by its nearly 8 km of natural waterfront, where no construction has taken place. At the end of the beach of Brussa is the entrance to the lagoon of Caorle (Porto Falconera). Coming from the South, however, take the left the beach of Caorle to the end and then take the entrance to the lagoon of Caorle (Porto Falconera) and follow the path shown on the map.

Litoranea Veneta

The farm is located inside the “Litoranea Veneta” – a waterway that originates in the Lagoon of Venice. After a journey of about 127 km, it flows into the Gulf of Trieste, in Punta Sdobba. It consists of stretches of canal that alternate with stretches derived from natural rivers like Sile Piave, Livenza Lemene, Tagliamento, Isonzo, and Stella, and lagoons of Caorle, Marano and Grado.


View Farm Ca’Lealtà ( Caorle ) by water through the lagoon a map of major dimensions

CoordinateS: N 45°41.347′ , E 12°51.134′